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We recruit A Players. The richest source of A Players is found by targeting individuals who are not actively looking for a new role.  Our services are built around our Optimized Recruiting Model (ORM), developed for efficient, effective and scalable recruiting.  With ORM we can forecast success, timelines and effort required in recruiting for any role.  

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Niche Recruiting Programs

Recurring, geographically distributed, mission critical position profiles call for our Niche Recruiting Programs.  Our Optimized Recruiting Model (ORM),  was designed for scaling up quickly by  identifying the richest candidate sources, marketing strategy, and delivering a high touch campaign based on real metrics that produce results.  

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Retained Search

Our Optimized Recruiting Model (ORM) targets every potential person in a defined set of parameters, and ensures they hear about your role.  Once engaged, candidates participate in our structured assessment process designed to identify A Players.  This service is ideal for executive or other complex search assignments where a traditional recruiting firms "network" just isn't enough.  

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Recruiting Reboot

Fortune class companies with their own recruiting function benefit from our Optimized Recruiting Model (ORM) through.  We conduct assessments, identify and cultivate alternate sources, and implement our metrics for success via both consulting and training engagements.  

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Mid sized companies with ongoing recruiting needs not ready to build their own recruiting team utilize our teams.  Many of our engagements grow into a form of outsourced recruiting due to our high degree of accountability, and ability to deliver consistently based on our Optimized Recruiting Model (ORM). 

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Alternate Source Development

Constantly on the hunt for new sources for our own team, we offer Source Effectiveness Analysis, Alternate Source Development and Training for clients with their own recruiting team.  We can help you identify the best sources, outside of job boards, based on your unique workforce.  

What our customers are saying

Home run with this hire!  We wanted a "big leader" and you delivered.  Kudos to Sue.  Thanks for taking the tough assignments, really hearing us out, and making it look easy.  

EVP/CPO of Fortune 10 Company

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